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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How to Upgrade DotNetNuke v5+, DataSprings Dynamic Forms Completion Events

DNN Creative have released issue 41 of the DotNetNuke Magazine.

This month's issue we show you how to upgrade DotNetNuke. We demonstrate how to use the Auto Merge Method for upgrading versions 4.6.2+ and the Manual Method for all versions of DotNetNuke. We bring you more from the DataSprings Dynamic Forms module tutorials, this time we cover Completion Events and using Third Party Email Services.

We take you through how to create a Dynamic Form Completion Event and show you how Completion Events can be used to:
  • Redirect a user to a URL or page
  • Send an email
  • Add a user to a DNN security role
  • Execute SQL and HTTP Post; which enables you to post data from your form to another URL
We then demonstrate how Completion Events can be used to create an email opt-in form to send user details to a third party email newsletter service such as AWeber.

Next we show you how to upgrade DotNetNuke using the Auto Merge Method which is available from version 4.6.2 onwards. This tutorial demonstrates the steps required to upgrade live DotNetNuke websites from v4.6.2 to v4.9.1 and then onto v5+. We also demonstrate how to upgrade DotNetNuke using the Manual Method. This method will work for any version of DotNetNuke and this is the method you have to use for upgrading any version below 4.6.2.

To complete this issue we have our latest podcast from our DotNetNuke News series.

This issue comes complete with 10 video tutorials and 1 podcast!

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