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Sunday, August 31, 2008

DotNetNuke Openforce ‘08 Sessions Europe: 6th-7th October 2008

DNN OpenForce '08 Europe is going to be held at the "Leeuwenhorst" Conference Centre in Noordwijkerhout, just outside Amsterdam and close to Schiphol Airport.

The following subjects are going to be covered in the sessions at the conference:


For Beginners:
  • Developing a consulting business around Open Source software - Christopher J. Hammond
  • How to provide and identify Quality of DotNetNuke extensions? - Sebastian Leupold
  • DotNetNuke 5.0 - Shaun Walker
  • DotNetNuke Chalk & Talk - Shaun Walker
For Intermediates:
  • A Deep Dive into the latest version of DotNetNuke - Charles Nurse
  • DotNetNuke framework: a hidden jewel? - Ernst Peter Tamminga

For Intermediates:
  • Create a DotNetNuke skin from a website design - Cathal Connolly
  • Skinning Enhancements in DotNetNuke 5 - Nik Kalyani

For Beginners:
  • How to provide and identify Quality of DotNetNuke extensions? - Sebastian Leupold
For Intermediates:
  • Leverage DotNetNuke with SharePoint - Stefan Kamphuis
  • DotNetNuke Installation, Administration and Optimization Techniques for Cambrian - Christopher J. Hammond
For Advanced:
  • Building Secure DotNetNuke installations - Cathal Connolly
  • Friendly URLs and SEO best practices for websites - Christopher J. Hammond

For Beginners:
  • Using Mail and Messaging Services in DNN5 - Sebastian Leupold
  • Introduction into Forms & Lists (UDT 5.0) - Stefan Cullmann
For Intermediates:
  • Developing Vista Sidebar Gadgets Using DotNetNuke - Nik Kalyani
  • Leverage DotNetNuke with SharePoint - Stefan Kamphuis
For Advanced:
  • Test Driven DotNetNuke Module Development - Charles Nurse
  • A Deep Dive into the DotNetNuke Property Editor - Charles Nurse
  • Create a DotNetNuke module using Delphi.NET - Erik van Ballegoij
  • Using Web 2.0 APIs in DotNetNuke modules - Cathal Connolly
DNN Creative’s very own Lee Sykes will be attending the Europe Convention, be sure to say hello and have a chat!

For updates on the conference check out his link:

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DotNetNuke Openforce ‘08 Speakers Europe: 6th-7th October 2008

The DotNetNuke OpenForce '08 Europe Conference will be held at the "Leeuwenhorst" Conference Centre in Noordwijkerhout close to Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport.

This year’s speakers:
  • Erik van Ballegoij - Independent Software Developer
  • Cathal Connolly - Principle Software Engineer, Liberty IT
  • Stefan Cullmann - CIO of DGZfP
  • Chris Hammond - Product Manager for Software Solutions, Engage Software
  • Nik Kalyani - Chief Visionary Officer and Co-founder of DotNetNuke Corp
  • Stefan Kamphuis - Microsoft Solution Developer, Giraffe IT
  • Sebastian Leupold - CEO of Gamma concept mbH
  • Charles Nurse - Lead Developer, DotNetNuke Corp
  • Ernst Peter Tamminga - CEO of XCESS expertise center b.v.
  • Shaun Walker - Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of DotNetNuke Corp
Lee Sykes from DNN Creative will be attending this year’s Conference and will be more than happy to answer any DotNetNuke questions you may have.

For updates on the conference Check out this link

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

CSS Reference Book

DNN Creative has released the DNN Creative CSS Reference Book.

This is a 112 page guide which covers how to correctly use all the currently supported CSS properties. Each of the 126 properties is described in full and has examples of their use.

The Reference book comes in pdf format, so it is quick and easy to find the information you need for each CSS Property.

The DNN Creative CSS Reference book is currently available with issue 35 of the DNN Creative Magazine.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

DotNetNuke. What’s in a name?

This is just a guide for people not in the know.

The name DotNetNuke seems to confuse a few people out there. So we decided to help you out and give you some tips which will help you with minor things like using search engines and keywords.

Firstly: The Dot in DotNetNuke is a word not a punctuation mark!

DotNetNuke = Correct
.NetNuke = Incorrect

Secondly: It is all one word.

DotNetNuke = Correct
Dot NetNuke, DotNet Nuke, Dot Net Nuke = Incorrect

Thirdly: Abbreviations are acceptable

If remembering the first two rule is too much just remember DNN

DotNetNuke, DNN = Correct

So now you know, why not try DotNetNuke and DNN in your search engine and see what happens?

This has been a public service announcement from DNN Creative Magazine!

Note: The use of Dot Net Nuke in a previous blog was purely to see if anyone was paying attention.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DotNetNuke Print Stylesheets and CSS Reference Book

DNN Creative have released issue 35 of the DotNetNuke Magazine.

This month we show you how to create a print stylesheet for use with your DotNetNuke skin.

There is a built in token within DotNetNuke that allows you to print the content of individual modules, however this is limited as it only lets you print one module at a time.

We show you how to:

  • Create a print stylesheet
  • Format the layout of the print stylesheet
  • Remove unwanted content from the print version of your skin.
This is an essential technique for improving the usability of your DotNetNuke websites.

This tutorial comes complete with 7 videos

Also with this issue, we have produced the DNN Creative CSS Reference Book.

This 112 page reference guide shows examples of how to use each CSS property correctly and also displays the examples as they would appear on the page.

This resource is ideal for beginners and experienced users.

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