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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Free Trial of DotNetNuke Tutorials at DNN Creative

This month DNN Creative magazine has launched a Free Trial to none subscribers!

As an example of the quality of our tutorials DNN Creative Magazine has launched a video tutorial (4 videos in total) and a pure CSS DotNetNuke Skin to non subscribers.

If you are new to DotNetNuke you can check out the free content by visiting the subscribe page on DNN Creative and clicking on the Get Free Trial button at the top of the page.

The content is normally only available with a subscription to DNN Creative Magazine.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

300 videos! This is not madness! This is DotNetNuke!

DNN Creative has announced they now have more than 300 DotNetNuke video tutorials available to their subscribers.

We are very pleased to announce this month that the number of video tutorials we now have exceeds 300! We have been releasing quality tuition every month to our subscribers for the last three years and we look forward to continuing well into the future.

Hours of research and editing goes into our videos to ensure we give the best possible service to DNN Creative customers. Earlier this year we changed the software and studio equipment we use for recording the videos, and introduced WMV as an alternative to Flash so our subscribers now have a choice of formats for their downloads. And of course the videos are all still available for download direct to your computer – no streaming!

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Monday, July 07, 2008

5 Free XHTML Compliant Pure CSS DotNetNuke Skins

Dnn Creative have released issue 34 of the DotNetNuke Magazine.

This month we have converted 5 open source html templates into DotNetNuke skins.

These skins have been chosen due to their different design and CSS techniques used. Each of these designs used a different approach while converting them to a DNN skin, so you will be able to view the code and learn from this variety of implementations.


Lazy Days


Bitter Sweet


Dark Ritual

Viewing the code from a variety of designers helps to improve your CSS skills and learn multiple techniques for manipulating the layouts and styling of CSS skins in DotNetNuke.

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