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Thursday, June 19, 2008

DotNetNuke 4.8.4 Released!

DotNetNuke has released version 4.8.4 this month. This has been released due to a few security issues that were found in the 4.8.3 version. DotNetNuke 4.8.3 was released last month due to a security scare which was fortunately no way near as bad as initially reported.

The latest version of DotNetNuke can be downloaded from

DNN Creative Magazine recommends upgrading your sites at the soonest convenience.

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Friday, June 06, 2008

11 DotNetNuke Video Tutorials - Professional DotNetNuke Administration using SQL (Part 2)

DNN Creative have released issue 33 of the DotNetNuke Magazine.

This month we are dedicating another full issue of DNN Creative Magazine to improving the efficiency of your administration time with DotNetNuke using SQL queries.

The SQL methods we show you in this issue are very powerful techniques which will reduce weeks of work into seconds. The tutorials are especially useful if you are re-skinning a large DNN installation.

To start with we show you how to update the Page Settings of a page using SQL queries.

We demonstrate how to use SQL queries to delete a group of modules from a page, move modules between content panes and insert a copy of a module to a page. Manually moving, deleting and inserting modules when re-skinning your DotNetNuke installation can take up to 10 minutes per page, for a 500 page website this would take 5000 minutes. Using SQL queries will allow you to apply changes across your entire site within seconds.

We then take a look at the DotNetNuke SQL Module. This module comes free with Dot Net Nuke and is only available to the host user on your DotNetNuke installation. Although we thoroughly recommend you use SQL Server Express to build and check your queries, this module is very useful if you already have a good understanding of SQL queries.

Finally, we show you how to work with Skins and Containers in DNN using SQL queries. In the previous tutorials we demonstrated how to change a container on a single page, in this tutorial we show you how to change the container for a copied module that is displayed on several or all pages, how to change the container of a module to a new container based on the name of the old container, and how to change the skin of a page to a new skin based on the name of the old skin.

Using the techniques outlined in this issue will literally save you weeks of work.

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