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Friday, January 26, 2007

Issue 18 - DotNetNuke and Blogging

February 2007

Welcome to the eighteenth of DNN Creative Magazine.

Issue 18In this issue we explore in detail the core DotNetNuke blog module. We demonstrate the various configuration options available to you, as well as provide real world examples. Supporting the DotNetNuke blog module tutorial are articles covering: What is blogging, blog content and how to promote your blog.

Finally, we demonstrate how to improve a DotNetNuke module by examining the blog module and making changes to the core code. This will enable you to add additional functionality to the core modules.

This issue comes complete with 8 videos.

DotNetNuke Blog Module
(8 videos - 82min)

Blogging - What is a blog?

Blog Promotion - ‘Blog and Ping’ what is it anyway?

How to improve a DotNetNuke module (The Blog module)

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Issue 17 - DotNetNuke Portals

January 2007

The seventeenth of DNN Creative Magazine has been released.

In this issue we cover working with portals in DotNetNuke. We begin with an introduction to multiple portals in DotNetNuke, starting from the basic concepts, right through to creating parent and child portals within a live DotNetNuke installation.

Issue 17Following this, we help you to decide on the best portal type to use, with help of a portal considerations PDF mind map.

Once you have got to grips with portals, we introduce you to working with portal aliases and progress onto portal templates and the site wizard. These techniques
are useful when installing portals and transferring a portal from a localhost installation to a live website.

Finally, we finish with administering and configuring portals as a Host Super User and demonstrate the variety of options you have available for configuring each portal within your DotNetNuke installation.

This issue comes complete with 7 videos.



multiple portals

DotNetNuke and Multiple Portals

DotnetNuke Portals
How to create DotNetNuke Portals (Parent and Child)

(3 videos – 25min)

Portal Considerations

Portal Considerations

(When to use Multiple Portals / Parent / Child or create a new DotNetNuke installation)

Portal Aliases

DotNetNuke Portal Aliases

(1 video – 11min)

Portal Templates

DotNetNuke Portal Templates and the Site Wizard

(1 video – 11min)

Managing Portals

Managing and Configuring Portals as a Host Super User

(2 videos – 15min)

View issue 17
to download all of the videos in one zip file