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Thursday, September 21, 2006

DotNetNuke forms Corporation

This is a press release just released by the core team:

Newly Formed DotNetNuke® Corporation to Manage Future Growth of Open Source Web Application Framework Project

Worldwide popularity of DotNetNuke enables new organization to pursue wide range of opportunities to benefit the community

Seattle, Wash. — September 21, 2006 — DotNetNuke®, the popular Open Source web application framework for the ASP.Net platform, today announced the formation of DotNetNuke Corporation, a new company to serve the growing needs of the project and its ever-expanding community. The new entity will focus on the management of the project, while leveraging a wide array of resources to create and distribute a superior, free, Open Source web application framework that cultivates a passionate developer community and a prosperous commercial ecosystem.

“The formation of this company reflects the maturity of the DotNetNuke project,” said Shaun Walker, founder of DotNetNuke Corp. “As the adoption rate of DotNetNuke continues to grow, it is increasingly being used as a platform for mission-critical websites and web applications. DotNetNuke Corp. exists to instill confidence that while the project continues to remain true to its Open Source ideals, it will also be backed by a company that is focused on providing professional management and stewardship for the project.”

Perpetual Motion Interactive Systems, Inc., Walker’s British Columbia, Canada-based company that currently manages the DotNetNuke® project and its intellectual property including trademarks, will transfer these assets to DotNetNuke Corp., which will be based in Seattle, Washington, Walker said. The new company will maintain the primary authority for managing the Open Source project, stewarding and distributing the source code, setting policies, managing intellectual property, and organizing the relationships between all participants in the project.

“DotNetNuke Corporation is not a typical commercial entity,” Walker added. “Rather, it is dedicated to the public benefit goal at the heart of the DotNetNuke project, which is to create opportunities and spread entrepreneurship to the world by providing a superior Open Source web application framework."

The project continues to be successful in achieving this goal. In the four years since the DotNetNuke project was launched, it has seen its registered user ranks swell to 335,000 members and demand for its flagship product surpassing 2 million downloads worldwide. This worldwide adoption of DotNetNuke has created significant economic value both for the project and also the commercial ecosystem that it has spawned.

“This economic value is an unintended but real by-product of the DotNetNuke project's overarching mission to create opportunities and spread entrepreneurship to the world,” Walker said. “Carefully managed, this value — and the resulting ability to generate revenue — can be used to make the DotNetNuke project self-sustaining and help keep the community open and diverse.”

In addition to spearheading the Open Source project, DotNetNuke Corp. will also focus on developing and delivering services which support the ecosystem, including marketing, sponsorships, and a wide range of partner-related activities. These activities are expected to generate revenue, but the company intends to focus on those opportunities that are consistent with the community values and public goals of the project, Walker said. This includes providing funding for aspects of the project that are difficult or challenging for volunteer teams to solely undertake such as professional marketing, large-scale platform and feature development, product certification and ecommerce initiatives, he added.

“Overall, the operation of the DotNetNuke project will remain unchanged,” Walker said. “Participants in the DotNetNuke project will not experience any difference in the way the DotNetNuke application is developed, licensed or distributed. As DotNetNuke Corp. adds resources in those areas that are currently lacking, we expect to see improvements that will have an overall positive impact on the project,” Walker said.

The current members of the DotNetNuke project management board – Joe Brinkman, Nik Kalyani and Scott Willhite – will join Walker as co-founders of the new company.

About DotNetNuke®

“Our mission is to create opportunities and spread entrepreneurship to the world by providing a superior open source web application framework which cultivates a passionate developer community as well as a prosperous commercial ecosystem.” DotNetNuke® is an open source web application framework ideal for creating, deploying and managing interactive web, intranet and extranet sites. With a rapidly growing community of over 300,000 registered users, a legion of dedicated professional developers, and an active commercial ecosystem, DotNetNuke® continues to strengthen its leadership position in the Microsoft enterprise market.

About Open Source

The basic idea behind Open Source is very simple: When programmers can read, redistribute, and modify the source code for a piece of software, the software evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, and people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

DotNetNuke 3.3.5/4.3.5 Released

The latest version of DotNetNuke has now been released. It's a stablization release so it's recommended that you upgrade from 4.3.x / 3.3.x asap.

Here's the details that have been released:

This is a stabilization release with a wide variety of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and security patches. This release has already undergone a 2 week beta test phase with the Platinum Benefactors and is currently in production use on The following list provides a summary of the issues resolved in this release. We highly encourage you to upgrade your application to take advantage of the latest improvements in the DotNetNuke Web Application Framework.

The new release packages can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Admin/Host Functions

DNN-3913 - Improved performance of URL Control with a large number of folders
DNN-3911 - Inform User if email to vendor or admin fail
DNN-3932 - Fixed behavior of User Settings in SuperUser Accounts
DNN-3928 - Add ability to disable the Update profile on login functionality
DNN-3868 - Fixed display of Page specific Header info
DNN-3867 - Fixed the Portal Template Schema Definition for the file element
DNN-3866 - Fixed AddPortalInfo sproc so users upgrading from 4.0 can add new portals
DNN-3793 - Fixed bug with adding codeSubdirectory node to web.config
DNN-3730 - Forced validation of Profile Definitions in case client-side validation doesn't happen (plus added missing keys)
DNN-3791 - Private and verified registration no longer redirects but displays confirmation message
DNN-3804 - Fail gracefully on Password Update if problems with Email
DNN-3839 - Added ability for Admin to set the default profile Visibility
DNN-3835 - Added ability for Admin to disable/enable Services
DNN-3834 - Added ability for Admin to enable/disable Profile Visibility
DNN-3838 - Added option to suppress the Pager in the Users Grid when not needed (PageSize > TotalRecords)
DNN-3748 - Fixed Paging in User Accounts when using a Search option other than username
DNN-3822 - Suppress Group Header when Profile has no properties in the Category enabld for display
DNN-3760 - Breadcrumb Enhancement - Allow use of tab title instead of tab name
DNN-3694 - Added friendly message when duplicate portal alias is added
DNN-3419 - Removed some unused resource keys

Control Panel

DNN-3874 - Change to add custom permissions by default to all roles with EDIT permissions when adding a new module to the page


DNN-2913 - Fixed situation where a TextColumn is bound to a null value (now returns "")

File Manager

DNN-3865 - Added buffering to downloading of files (in 10K chunks)


DNN-3702 - Fixed case where a Port is specified in SMTP configuration
DNN-3743 - In LogController, fixed SupportsEmailNotification and SupportsInternalViewer so they return a value
DNN-2699 - Fixed SiteWizard.ascx to allow debugging if specified in web.config

Text Editor

DNN-3926 - Make sure Action menus are not visible if they are empty (or only have break items)


DNN-3759 - Fixed localization errors when no portal (eg during Install)


DNN-3917 - Improved RTL support in Profile Editor
DNN-3812 - Added en-us to default language
DNN-1974 - support for longer locale strings
DNN-2612 - Fixed xml error in reource verifier
DNN-2268 - Updated Resource Verifier to support 2 style resx files
DNN-3594 - Languages sorted alphabetically in Languages editor

Resource Installer

DNN-3742 - Fixed installation of app_code based modules


DNN-2344 - Fixed Indexing when Page has an enddate
DNN-3464 - Added validators to Search settings
DNN-2798 - Fixed UpdateSearchItem stored procedure to use nvarchar instead of varchar
DNN-1902 - Fixed PageCount check
DNN-1891 - Include Common Words setting is now used in GetSearchResults


DNN-3718 - Added required image to password fields (in Register and Add User)
DNN-3964 - Fixed missing code to Log the SuperUser Login event
DNN-3747 - Fixed Registration when RequireQuestionandAnswer is selected
DNN-3849 - Add check for empty string in Decrypt method to avoid errors on x64 servers
DNN-3883 - Allow all Administrators to unlock each other
DNN-3853 - Improve scalability/performance of GetModulePermissionsByModuleID and GetFolderPermissionsByFolderPath
DNN-3833 - Added message for unauthorized users when attempting to log in.
DNN-3706 - Made ValidationExpression column nvarchar(2000) rather than nvarch(100)
DNN-3968 - Created separate temporary and persistent cookie timeouts


DNN-3984 - The DNNMenuNavigationProvider correctly utilizes the CSSNodeSelectedRoot in all cases
DNN-3707 - Fixed skin parsing that extracts the skin components from a full html file.


DNN-3661 - Fixed C# Module Template error
DNN-3708 - Fixed portal template errors when using Modules with multiple Module Definitions (like Blog)
DNN-2234 - Fixed templates default user/password
DNN-3783 - Fixed Site Wizard bug


DNN-3882 - Fixed View mode of the List Edit Control so it correctly returns the list item (when two different Lists contain the same Values)
DNN-3746 - Fixed display of login instaructions
DNN-3798 - Fixed the maximize behaviour of the Password Aging section in User Settings

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Interesting Adsense Report - The Death of Adsense

I've just read an interesting report covering the death of adsense and how earnings have dropped off. - The info the 'gurus' are not currently telling apparently. - It's interesting reading and continues to discuss other methods for earning a more stable income than adsense. You can download the report from here:

Death of adsense

Friday, September 08, 2006

DotNetNuke 4.3 and 3.3 New Administrator Functions

September Issue 13 Released

I am pleased to announce that issue 13 of DNN Creative Magazine has been released.

This is the year anniversary for the launch of DNN Creative Magazine. In one year we have created 145 video tutorials, with more videos in this issue!

Issue 13 DNN Creative Magazine

In Issue 13 we explore some of the new functions that have been introduced in the latest 4.3 and 3.3 versions of DotNetNuke. In particular we focus on the new administration functions covering: Users, Accounts, Settings and Registration options. We continue the How to build a DotNetNuke website series and demonstrate how to create a customized registration page.

These are powerful new features that have been introduced into DotNetNuke which should enable you to speed up the administration tasks as well as easily create a customized DotNetNuke website suited to your own requirements.

The custom registration page is a flexible and time-saving tool which allows you to collect the exact data you require from your registered users, ranging from their personal contact details through to market research for your company.

This issue comes complete with 10 videos.


AdministratorsEditing a title How to quickly edit Module Titles and Text in DotNetNuke 4.3 and 3.3
(1 video - 3 min)
User Accounts User Accounts new features in DotNetNuke 4.3 and 3.3
(1 video – 9min)
User Settings User accounts and User Settings in DotNetNuke 4.3 and 3.3
(2 videos – 16min)
enforcing terms of use Enforcing Terms and Conditions on User Registration in DotNetNuke 4.3 and 3.3
registration page How to Manage Profile Properties in User accounts for DotNetNuke 4.3 / 3.3
(Creating a custom registration page)
(6 videos - 53 min)

Watch the introduction video (3.9MB)
Downloads: To save you time, all of the videos for each issue are available as a single zip download from each issue page.

Download the videos from here:

Issue 13 - DotNetNuke 4.3 and 3.3 New Administrator Functions
Issue 12 - CSS Horizontal Menus and Google Adsense
Issue 11 - An in-depth look at Headings and Styling
Issue 10 - The DotNetNuke Skinning Toolkit
Issue 9 - Advanced Content Styling Techniques and CSS
Issue 8 - CSS for Styling and Layout in DotNetNuke
Issue 7 – Developing and enhancing skins
Issues 5 & 6 - Working with skins
Issue 4 – Installation Essentials
Issue 3 - The Really Simple Issue (RSS)
Issue 2 - A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Issue 1 - The World At Your Fingertips

If you have any suggestions for the magazine, or requests, please do not hesitate to contact me, this magazine is for you.

Many thanks,

Lee Sykes
DNN Creative Magazine

View Issue 13

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